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Jet Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pump technology Vacuum pump Vacuum pump or vacuum pump more and more in vacuum evaporation,, crystallization, distillation, sublimation, drying, negative pressure concentration, dehydration, chemical reaction absorption and vacuum transfer of materials in oil, chemical industry, Used in pharmacy and other industries. But vacuum technology is a frontier science. China’s vacuum industry developed after the liberation by absorbing and absorbing products from the former Soviet Union, the United States, Japan and Germany.

The principle of vacuum jet pumping pump and its advantages and disadvantages:

A vacuum jet pump is a motion transfer pump that uses a high-speed jet generated by a venturi pressure drop to transfer gas to the outlet. It is divided into water jet vacuum pump, steam jet vacuum pump, water vapor series vacuum pump, water and steam combined jet vacuum pump. Jet vacuum pump due to wide vacuum range, direct suction of condensing gases such as suction vapor and granular medium, simple structure, easy operation, partial maintenance of passive components, energy saving and reduction of consumption widely in chemical case operations Used. The working principles of the vacuum jet pump are described below.

Original and structure of water jet vacuum pump:

The combination of water jet vacuum pump equipment shows its structure. The principle of operation is that the water in the circulating water tank creates a certain pressure and speed after the operation of the circulating water pump. Water enters the water ejector intake chamber with a certain pressure and speed and exits through several Laval nozzles on the orifice plate. The high-speed jet forms a vacuum in the ejector mixing chamber and the environment is vacuum pumped.

This has the advantage of low level machine type, vacuum higher than ring water vacuum pump. By replacing the reciprocating vacuum pump, it can eliminate the pre-neutral capacitor and save on operating and investment costs of disposable equipment.

Original and structure of vacuum jet series pump:

In front of the ejector of the vacuum jet pump, one or more vacuum pumps of the steam jet jet, ie the vacuum pumps of the steam-water series, are connected in series. The structure of water vapor series vacuum pumps is visible. The principle is that saturated or overheated steam with a certain pressure after the compression pressure and acceleration through the Laval nozzle enters the mixing chamber of the boiler, which causes the mixing chamber to produce a vacuum and the environment Extracted to be mixed in the mixing chamber Sucked with working steam After mixing, the fluid passes through the diffuser, the speed decreases and the pressure increases until it reaches the pressure of the next suction port and goes to the steam injector pump. Next be emptied. Or water jet pump.
It is a low-level complete machine with a relatively high vacuum that can replace the water unit of the root unit and the rotating unit of the root blade to suck the condensed gas directly, but has a limited amount of non-condensable gas in high vacuum.

The principle and method of new high efficiency vacuum jet (steam) car pump:

A new type of high efficiency steam jet vacuum pump consists of one or more step steam steam pumps and high efficiency condensers. Saturated or overheated steam enters the mixing chamber of the steam cutting machine under a certain pressure after compression and acceleration pressure through the Laval nozzle. The mixing chamber creates a vacuum and the extracted medium is sucked into the mixing chamber to mix with the working steam. The mixing fluid passes through the diffuser and the speed decreases. The steam ejector is discharged to the next stage after reaching the suction port pressure. After the liquid of the mixture discharged by the steam cutter in front of the capacitor enters the high-efficiency condenser, the condensed steam body is cooled to liquid and non-condensable gas and exits the condenser with cooling water.
(Refer to process flow diagram) High efficiency steam evacuation pump). It can be installed at any height and the amount of incompressible gas in a suitable environment for suction is relatively small. Most of the steam body process is dense. By replacing a traditional multi-stage steam jet vacuum pump, it can save more than 60% of working steam.

Working principle of flow and vacuum jet pump of combined water vapor water:

This set consists of a water and steam jet vacuum pump located behind the first condenser of a traditional steam jet pump. The principle of operation can be seen in the flow diagram of the combined water vapor jet vacuum pump. Overcomes the shortcomings of the steam jet vacuum pump and water jet vacuum pump and gives full advantage to their advantages. Not only can this lead to a higher working vacuum, but it also has a higher pumping capacity. Compared to multi-stage jet steam vacuum pump, it can save more than 50% working steam, 30% cooling water, no need to equip the pump and the pumping tower time is shorter.