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Air Diffuser

Fine bubble / coarse bubble aerator diffuser (tube), disc (plate) and plate

Air Diffuser: In order to provide the necessary equipment for the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater houses,
Vacuum Asia has started to import and sell bulk diffusers of large and disc bubble discs, tubes and plates from reputable foreign manufacturers such as Ecologix, Aquaflex, Jager and Supratec. The following are the technical specifications and information required to select the diffuser. Vacuum Asia is ready to provide consulting services and design of aeration systems for various types of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. Also, Vacuum Asia Company is ready to cooperate for the installation and commissioning of aeration systems.

Important points that Asia Vacuum Industries recommends when designing a deep aeration system:

Calculations of the number of diffusers should be done based on the amount of air capacity of the blower. It should be noted that the capacity of the blower is also calculated depending on the amount of wastewater pollution and the type of treatment process. To calculate the number of diffusers required for a specific amount of air flow, use the diffuser capacity in the optimal range of the following tables. The maximum capacity of the diffuser is only allowed for 15 minutes per day and is used only for washing the diffusers. The greater the installation depth of the diffuser, in other words, the greater the depth of the sewage tanks, the higher the oxygen transfer efficiency. In the calculation of the blower pressure, the diffuser pressure drop should be considered about 50 millibars. In the piping system, make sure that the air is evenly distributed among all diffusers.