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Vacuum water pump

Water vacuum pump is divided into two categories of single-stage and two-stage pumps. The amount of pressure produced in single-stage water vacuum pumps is 35 mm Hg, while two-stage pumps operate at a pressure of only 25 mm Hg. These industrial pumps pump circulating water at a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius or less. Pumping dry air or gaseous liquids at 15 ° C is the basis of the operation of a water vacuum pump. Due to the temperature and pressure conditions of the water vacuum pump, the most common liquid that is pumped through this equipment is water; However, other fluids such as oils with very low vapor pressure They can be pumped in different directions through this pump. If the fluid conditions are compatible with the operating power of water vacuum pumps, this device can be used for pumping; For example, dry chlorine gas and concentrated sulfuric acid are two examples of these fluids. The water vacuum pump is effectively one of the most ideal industrial pumps for solvent recovery in the vapor state. For example, if in an industrial process such as distillation or vacuum drying, toluene vapor is produced and this vapor is used as a sealing compound, it causes the produced cold water to release the liquid vapor to enter the water vacuum pump. AppropriateOil and petrochemical industries, metal industries, food production industries, medical service centers, power plants, textile industries, pharmaceuticals and construction materials industries are some of the most important applications of water vacuum pumps. Circulating water vacuum pump can be structurally mono impeller or two impeller. The two-stage liquid ring vacuum pump creates a higher vacuum rate with higher efficiency and effectiveness than the single-stage aqueous vacuum pump. Also, the two-stage water vacuum pump is designed for use in heavy industry, which actually operates as two vacuum pumps. One of the vacuum pumps in the role of backup pumpIt helps to increase the production vacuum. The suction type of water suction pumps can be direct or indirect. Sealing or vacuum sealing of water ring pumps can also be mechanical sealing or packing. Venice also in more detail: Circulating water vacuum pump (water vacuum pump, water vacuum pump) can be considered as one of the most popular vacuum pumps. Extensive use of circulating water vacuum pumps (water vacuum pumps, water vacuum pumps) in industries to move a variety of gases and liquids for several reasons, including uniaxial, lack of friction between mechanical parts and low depreciation of the pump. If the liquid is circulating in the water pump, a pressure of 33 bar can be reached, which is the same pressure Water vapor pressure is at a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius. To achieve lower pressures, oil can be used as a circulating fluid. The final pressure of the vacuum pump depends on the vapor pressure of the oil used. For better pump efficiency, the circulating fluid must always be cool. . By combining this pump with other pumps such as ejectors and Roots and ‌, a pressure of 〖10〗 ^ (- 2) millibars can be reached. The vacuum outlet of the water pump can also be used as a gas compressor, which has many applications in industry. Such as factory CO2 gas and oil and gas process gases, as well as the transfer of all acidic and alkaline materials that are not possible with any other pump.


Water vacuum pumps operate on the basis of creating suction for different fluids. The current passing through the impellers moves the fluid, and this rotational motion creates a certain pressure for the suction of fluids. An example of how a water vacuum pump works can be seen in the figure below. Optimal conditions for the operation of these pumps are defined at a certain temperature and pressure; Normally, the pressure of the blue vacuum pump is at atmospheric conditions. In addition to pumping water by water vacuum pump, there are some other types of these pumps in the market called oil vacuum pump and dry vacuum pump. Each of these pumps operates under vacuum conditions but has different technical specifications. Also, the pressure conditions are different in the three models of water, oil and dry vacuum pump

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