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The working principle of a liquid ring pump is based around a pump body and an eccentric rotor. As the rotor spins, the seal liquid inside the pump forms a rotating liquid ring on the inner surface of the body, forming the “liquid ring”. NASH liquid ring vacuum pumps feature three product sizes including small capacity, medium capacity, and large capacity liquid ring pumps.







Small Capacity Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

(Vacuum levels up to 29″ HgA, 1.5 HP to 10 HP)

NASH small capacity liquid ring vacuum pumps feature monoblock or lantern designs. These designs deliver the benefits of a simple, compact, and economical installation. Ideal for use in a vast range of general industrial processes, these liquid ring pumps are available in a variety of materials including cast iron and stainless steel.







Medium Capacity Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

(Vacuum levels up to 28″ HgA, 10 HP to 200 HP)

NASH medium capacity liquid ring vacuum pumps offer a highly powerful range of small to medium size single stage vacuum pumps for use in diverse industries including oil, gas, general industrial, and chemical.

Available in cast iron for less aggressive applications, and stainless steel for hostile applications and environments.







Large Capacity Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

(Vacuum levels up to 25″ HgA, above 200 HP)

NASH medium to large capacity single stage vacuum pumps are ideal for demanding applications in extremely tough conditions. These heavy-duty pumps are able to service a wide range of applications, which can typically include dewatering in the paper industry and vacuum filtering in mineral ore processing. Our large capacity pumps are available in a variety of materials including stainless steel, cast iron with some models featuring a polyisoprene lining.







Characteristics Of Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps


    • Accepts carryover – soft solids, moisture, slugs, chemicals, and more will not harm the pump but are washed out through the pump discharge


    • Cool & quiet operation – the pump runs cool owing to the circulation of the sealing water inside the pump. The operation is a quiet and low vibration





Vectra XL Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Compressor 50 to 8,900 m3/h (29 to 5,238 CFM)






    • Continuous operation for any process – the pump can operate constantly and continuously at any vacuum level  up to 1” HgA


    • Easy maintenance and longer pump life – our pump has one moving part. Therefore, wear is less, making maintenance simpler and more affordable


    • Environmentally safe – our pumps do not require oil changes, filters, oil-pans, condensers, etc. so operating facilities run clean, free of oil contamination and oil discharge to sewers









Highest Standards

Nash is committed to the highest standards in production and safety. We have many ISO certificates, issued to our facilities worldwide and continue to improve our quality by optimizing internal processes.

NASH liquid ring vacuum pumps are certified to ATEX and other global industrial standards.